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Pension Termination Experts

Our pension termination team members have the expertise to prepare your plan properly for its ultimate transfer to an insurance company.

They have extensive knowledge in window design allowing you to save money in lump sum payments as well as consulting and legal fees.

The termination team experts understand the intricacies of government filing requirements and will work directly with agents of the IRS and the PBGC to ensure a smooth approval process for you.

Channel Pension Services has developed funding strategies to determine the proper timing to put money into the plan and avoid trapped assets.

The pension termination team members have worked with communication experts to streamline and enhance election materials and government required communications. This makes it easy for your participants to understand their options and make choices.

Finally, our termination experts have great relationships with all of the insurance companies who will bid on your plan and they have the skills to get you a great price.

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Actuarial Team

Pension Plans are complex and we get it – but we make sure you get it too. The actuaries at Channel Pension Services provide support in a way that you, your board, your bank, your union, your regulators, etc. will understand. This enables you to avoid unnecessary hurdles and do the right thing for your business.

Our actuaries are truly unique in understanding the true carrying cost of a pension plan. They will show you how the carrying cost of your plan impacts your liability and the future funded status of your plan.

Most importantly, the actuarial team at Channel Pension Services thinks beyond the numbers to understand the implications of the pension plan on your business. This enables us to help you find a strategic way into the future.

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Administrators & Call Center Staff

Our administrators and in-house call center staff do it for you so you don’t have to.

They handle all pension calls, mailings, review of returned elections, data recordkeeping, address searches and payment coordination.

All of our staff have expertise in pension benefits and are specifically trained on the plans they serve. They also have extensive knowledge in plan terminations, lump sum windows and other pension de-risking activity.

Most importantly, our staff understands we are an extension of your company. We handle each participant with care, guiding them through the options available so they can make decisions about their retirement benefits or get the professional guidance needed. Whether the nature of the inquiry is simple or complex, our staff is fluent in the language of pension benefits.

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Nicole Ceurvorst

Nicole has 20+ years of experience providing guidance to some of the largest and most complex pension plans. Her expertise running lump sum windows is second to none. Through plan design and implementation, she has saved her clients millions of dollars.

Nicole has a unique ability to translate complicated pension requirements into English. This allows her clients to make pension management manageable and to make the transition out of pensions as simple as possible.

Actuarial credentials achieved include a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and an Enrolled Actuary with the Department of Treasury and the Department of Labor.

When Nicole is not helping clients with their pension plans, you might find her at a music festival, concert, warm beach, hiking trail or in a kayak.

Alan Pitts

As an entrepreneur, Alan spent over 20 years with the perspective of the plan sponsor, understanding how important controlling costs are to the success of a company, and understanding the negative effects volatility and uncertainty have on a company’s balance sheet.

Alan feels there is only one correct decision a company should make regarding its frozen defined benefit plan; terminate it. There is no cost benefit in maintaining a frozen pension plan.

Alan also feels that by terminating a frozen pension plan (transferring it to an insurance company), the plan sponsor is securing the benefit payments for the plan’s participants. Both parties are in a better place.

When not at work, Alan enjoys any type of crazy workout, Friday Happy Hours, and travel to warm locations.